Create Online Business Systems

Create “Online Business Systems”

Do you create online business systems for your businesses?


More and more people are learning to create internet businesses from home. But, there is a mistake that many people are making.


Most of the online business owners don’t create their online business systems. They are creating another job to themselves. They work very long hours. They end up doing more than 60 or even 80 hours per week. Why? The main problem is that everything in the online business is done by them.


They don’t figure out how to turn the “new job” they created into an online business.  The main difference between a job and a business is that a job requires you to do most of the work while a business means you put systems and procedures in place so that other people can do the work for you. A business generates income whether you are working there or not.



Tips No. 1 to Create Online Business Systems


Think of your online business as a franchise.


Take a look at how McDonalds operates. The tastes of the food are very similar at different outlets of McDonalds. Why? The reason is that everything is written down to a proven procedure. Every single element of the business is written down. When you buy a franchise from McDonalds, you are actually buying the proven system.

Try to turn your online business into a franchise that can be easily duplicate able by other people. Write down everything you do on a daily basis and then break down each of these activities into individual steps. 



Tips No. 2 to Create Online Business Systems


Think about your exit point as if you want to sell your online business in three years from now.


Any online business owners should know how to exit their businesses at some point in time. What you need to do to sell your internet business and exit it in big profits. What are the online business systems that you have to put in place? Your online business systems have to be well documented so that other people can just step in and run the business.



Tips No. 3 to Create Online Business Systems


You may ask how to create your online business systems.


To create your own internet business systems is not as complicated as you think. You can simply write down everything you do each day. Then break down each of these activities into individual steps. You can even demonstrate your steps and procedures on videos or with photos. Then you can outsource your work to someone else.


I don’t want to help you to create another “new job”. I want to help you to create your online business systems and to start your real online businesses. 


Remember to create yourself a business but not another job.

Create online business systems.


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3 thoughts on “Create Online Business Systems

  • Norbert

    I would like start my online business but I don’t now how to start.
    I have experience with car repair and house repair.



  • Yetti

    Hi Norbert,

    Thanks for your question.

    You can check out my blog post about “How To Convert Your Passions Into Income” at

    Here are the steps on how to start your online business.

    Step 1:
    Find out your passions and discover your talents.

    If you want to explore the areas on car repair and house repair, then you have to find out what people want about these areas.

    Step 2:
    Do keywords research on “car repair” and “house repair”
    The reason for doing keyword research is that you can find out exactly what people are already searching for online.

    To do your keyword research, you should look for Longtail Search results. Let me explain the meaning of it. Longtail search results mean 3 or 4 keyword phrases that generate majority of the search results. These phrases are with less competition for search engine optimization.

    Here are a few places you can do your keyword research and find longtail word phrases for free.

    SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool:

    Wordtracker Free Keywords

    Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool

    Step 3:
    Check for the competition. You can quickly check for competition at Clickbank Marketplace.

    Step 4:
    Create your information product such as ebook, audio ebook or even video.

    Step 5:
    Create your sales letter, set up your website & ordering system.

    Step 6:
    Build traffic to your site.

    I’ll create a series of videos to show you the steps in details.


  • ROnit KapOor

    Fantastic information! I am likely to come back for more of the same sort of high quality info.