How to Do Keyword Research

How to Do Keyword Research

By Yetti Chiu

Doing proper keyword research is very important. It is your first vital step for building your online business.

What people are searching for? You can find out what people want on the internet by looking at the most commonly used keywords they type into the search engines

Why Do Keyword Research?

The reason for doing keyword research is that you can find out exactly what people are already searching for online.

Before you create a product, you should make sure that people are interested in your subject online. Otherwise, you can hardly sell your product as there will have no market on it. You don’t want to spend all your hard work and money developing a product that no one is looking for!

I know it! I’ve be been there! I have done it! And I don’t want to do it again!

Therefore we have to produce products, articles or blog posts that people are already looking for and interested in. Always start doing keyword research for ideas to find out what people are already interested in online.

How To Do Keyword Research?

To do your keyword research, you should look for “Long tail Search results”. Let me explain the meaning of it. Long tail search results mean 3 or 4 keyword phrases that generate majority of the search results.

For example, “internet marketing” is a pretty competitive term. It is not easy to get high ranking for the term “internet marketing” for a website in search engines. That means you have to put a lot of efforts to optimize the phrase “internet marketing” for search engines. You have to get a lot of incoming links to your sites that use the words internet marketing. It is not that easy.

Why not choose long tail keyword phrases? These phrases are with less competition for search engine optimization. The phrase “internet niche marketing software” is a good example. It is much easier for a website to get a high ranking for this term “internet niche marketing software” in search engine than for the term “internet marketing”.

Try to come up with 10, 20 or even 100 long tail keyword phrases related to internet marketing and optimize the site for those terms. You can definitely generate more traffic to your site by just focusing on less competitive terms.

Where To Find Long tail Keyword Phrases?

You can do keyword research and find long tail word phrases for free at Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool

Remember to keep your keyword research in a document so you can refer back to it for product creation ideas, what to write for articles, what to write for your blog posts, and more.

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  • Cooper

    Hi! Thank you for putting up great article. Everybody who found this page should have found this
    particular article totally very helpful. I am hoping I’ll be able to find more incredible content and
    I also really should compliment you by saying you have done good work.

  • John

    Indeed a great post about keyword research.

    It is true that keyword research is the very 1st step to target the right traffic from search engines like Google. I have seen so many people who never does keyword research and always keep themselves busy in writing articles on different different random keywords which is not good.

    If We really want to get potential traffic which can converts easily then we must have to target the right keyword.

    For a productive work, every expert suggest to target long tail keywords with having low competition. Because long tail keywords with low competition are easily to rank rather than short tail high competitive keywords.

    I always use Google Keyword Planner to check the keyword search volume and Long Tail Pro for keyword competition score. I am glad that You have covered such an indepth article on keyword research.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀