Blog Marketing

“How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog” You have a blog. But how to get more traffic to your blog… Here are 5 simple ways to get more visitors to your blog: 1. Promoting your blog to everyone First, try to promote your blog to everyone you know by […]

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

“Blog Content : How To Find Contents for Your Blog” You know Blogging builds free traffic to your website. You have created  a blog, but you don’t know what to write for your blog. How to find blog content?  Check out the follwing video produced by Internet Marketing Coach Terry […]

Blog Content : How To Find Contents for Your Blog

“Blogging Builds Free Traffic To Your Website” The Internet has made it exceedingly easy for you to start a blog and to use it to capture attention. Even teenagers and Fortune 500 companies have discovered the magic of writing a blog to attract attention and generate a consistent readership. Uses […]

Blogging Builds Free Traffic To Your Website

“Choosing the Right Blog Platform for Your Business” Today let’s discuss how to choose the right blog platform for your business blog. What is a Blog Platform? A blog platform is a special type of blogging software to create and update your blog. You simply type your blog post to […]

Choosing the Right Blog Platform for Your Business

“Blogs in Plain English” Do you still wonder what a blog is? The below YouTube video explains very clearly what a blog is. Why blogs are such a big deal? Enjoy!

Blogs in Plain English

“Why Busines Blogging?” More and more businesses are turning to business blogging. Why? There are a few significant benefits of business blogging including: A low-cost solution to communicating with your customers in ‘real-time’ without having to reorganize or redesign your current website An inexpensive way to launch a new brand campaign or […]

Why Business Blogging?

“What Does Blog Stand For?” The word ‘blog’ was first coined in 1997 by John Barger as a shortened version of the ‘web log.’  Since then, web logs, or blogs, have quickly become an effective journaling method and information-sharing opportunity for dozens of industries.  Independent website owners, small online retailers, […]

What Does Blog Stand For?

What is the definition of Blog? What is a Blog? It seems that everyone is talking about blogs. They are everywhere: in the newspapers, on the TV, and all over the Internet! You are now visiting my blog too. Blogs Blogs Blogs! What are they? How to define a blog? […]

Definition of Blog. What is a Blog?