Your Website Needs a Strong Headline

“Your Website Needs a Strong Headline.”

When you’re shopping, and you see an ad for something that might interest you, what’s the first thing you ask yourself?

Do you ask, “Who’s the advertiser”?
Do you ask, “What’s the price”?

No. Usually it’s, “Will this solve my problem (or need)”?

If the headline or opening sentence of the ad communicates the idea that YOUR problem could be solved using this product then you are naturally drawn into the rest of the ads’ copy and will read it with intense interest.

How many times have you surfed the Internet skipping page after page, looking for the “most adaptable solution” to your most pressing and current problem or need?

Usually that’s ALL we do. Unless you have very few demands on your time you’ll be searching for something specific when you surf the ‘net, instead of just ‘wasting time’. 

That’s how sales are made on the Internet. They are made impulsively. They are made quickly, sometimes. But they are always made with SELF-INTEREST first- your products second.

Here’s the truth: Visitors to your web site or subscribers to your email list or ezine could care less about you or your products. They are only interested in THEMSELVES.

So show them how your product or service will solve THEIR problems NOW, or is flexible enough to be the very best solution AT THIS MOMENT, or is, at least, that YOUR the BEST ALTERNATIVE to the any other “PERFECT” but very costly and TIME CONSUMING solution that can be purchase elsewhere.

Remember the very first thing someone should see when readers visit your web site is the headline. Headline should be at the very top of the page and it should be in a larger font than the rest of the web site.

Many websites do not have a proper headline or even without a headline.  Some of them simply put “Welcome to my Web Site” which is useless.  In fact, your headline is the ad for your web site. It should be giving readers the BIG benefit up front. If your headline doesn’t make people stop and read more, then your website is worthless. No one will even read it.

Therefore, Your Website Needs a Strong Headline.

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