How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

“How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog”

You have a blog. But how to get more traffic to your blog…
Here are 5 simple ways to get more visitors to your blog:

1. Promoting your blog to everyone
First, try to promote your blog to everyone you know by adding your blog url to your name card and to your email signature file.

2. Posting good relevant content frequently
Second, you have to post good relevant content to your blog frequently. Remember, Content is king!

3. Leaving comments on others’ blogs
You can leave comments on other people’s blogs which have a similar theme to your blog. By adding constructive comments, you can add a link back to your blog.

4. Submit your blog to search engines and to blog directories

Search Engines:

Blog Directories:
Blog Search Engine

5. Collecting visitors’ email addresses

One of the best ways to encourage visitors to come back to your blog more often is to collect their email addresses, by adding an email subscription sign up system in your blog .

Then you can email them whether you have a new post.
Also, you have a higher chance for turning your visitors into potential customers by communicating to them through email marketing.

Business owners want new business and leads.
It is important to build your mail list. The money is in a relationship with your list!

The above 5 simple ways may help you to get more traffic to your blog.


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3 thoughts on “How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

  • chris

    Content is king yes i belive this very much i don’t have much content but I often get organic results.posting can get you lots of referring visits.As for emails i am not sure about that and it could be hard to get email addresses feeds are good though