Resources Page : “Blogging For Fun & Profit”

Thank You for attending “Websites & Blogs : Potentials, Possibilities & Profits” Special Talks brought to You by Braddhell Heights Advanced Toastmasters Club which was held on 20 Sept 2008.

As promised, the following are the Resources Page for my talk “Blogging for Fun & Profit”:

1. Presentation Slides & Blogs Mentioned in the Talk

This report is in PDF format. You can simply click on the link above and open it up in your browser. If you prefer to save it to your hard drive (which I would recommend), simply click on it below and choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”.

If you don’t have the free Acrobat reader and can’t open these files, you can download it at:

2. Videos
Blogs in Plain English

Blogger: How to Start a Blog

3. Create Your First Blog

Blogger Help

4. Keywords Research

Keywords are words or phrases that your target audience uses to search for information on the internet through search engines.

Therefore, your blog name should contain important “keywords” that relate to your business or the theme of your blog. You should use relevant keywords in the title and in the message of each blog post. By including relevant keywords in your blog posts, it helps people to find your blog through the search engines.

You can do keyword research for free at the following places:

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

Wordtracker Free Trial

Fore more information, check out my article : How to Do Keyword Research.

5. Clickbank

You can earn money from your blog by selling other people’s products.
One easy way is to join Clickbank as an affiliate. Clickbank is the leading retailer of digital products where thousands of products that you can choose to sell.

You refer customers to purchase a product through a unique link. Then you earn commission based on the sales that you’ve made.

You can sell your service or digital product through clickbank. You just have to join clickbank as a publisher, and then you can list your product for sale at clickbank marketplace. You can decide the commission rate you are willing to offer to affiliates. Clickbank handles the complete ordering process, bills to customers, pays to sellers, and even pays commissions to affiliates.

6. Article Directory

Don’t know what to write for your blog?

You can find reprint right articles that you can post to your blog for free. Just find relevant articles that are related to the theme of your blog. Also, you can add your own comments to the articles.

The three popular article directories are:

For more information about Blogging & Online Selling, check out this blog.

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