People Hate to be Sold on Anything. Is it Truth?

Is it Truth? People Hate to be Sold on Anything…
Selling on the Internet is not much different than selling through the mail, television or radio.
Anyone who starts out in business may believe that “people hate to be sold” is true and makes decisions that effect their business based on this misinformation.         
There are also a lot of entrepreneurs who hate to sell.  Are you one of them?
They hate being pushy or believe they need to be pushy in order to make sales. That’s also not true.
In fact, people do love to buy things for themselves and as gifts. They also love to be sold.  When people are being “sold” on something they are following and doing something that gets them closer to what they “want
The truth is: Selling is not difficult. If it appeals to people, has value and you have made it easy to purchase, people will buy from you.
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