How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

“How To Drive Traffic To Your Website”

You have a product to sell. You have a website to sell your product.

But do you have visitors to come to your website?
How to generate more website traffic?

To earn a good income online, you need to have a product that people want to buy. You need to have a site that can sell. You need to drive targeted traffic to your website.

How beginners can drive more visitors to their sites?

One quick way is to start a blog.  By writing informative blog posts relevant to the theme of your blog, you can show to potential customers that you know what you’re talking about. You build credibility and relationships with your readers.

Blogging attracts more visitors to your site. Search engines like Google often weight fresh content with greater importance. Blogs are updated much more frequently than conventional web sites. Therefore search engines love blogs.

Alternatively, you can buy traffic to your site through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.  PPC means advertisers only pay when a visitor actually clicks on an ad to visit advertisers’ website. Advertisers bid on keywords phrases relevant to their target market.

The following is the article “10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic for Beginners” written by Terry Dean.

If you are a totally beginner, you may not be able to fully understand every point.

Just leave your comment if you have any questions. I’ll try my best to answer your questions.

10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic for Beginners
Terry Tean

You need traffic. Earning a good income requires a good product, excellent conversion strategies, and traffic to your site.

If any of those 3 elements is missing, you’re going to miss your income goals.

The one most people drool over is traffic. It’s what they lie in bed thinking about at night. How can I get more traffic?

I think the motto of most beginning online entrepreneurs is…

“Show Me How to Get Traffic!”

Today I’m going to cover the simple ways you start driving traffic to your site.

Method #1: Pay for Traffic

You can pay for your traffic. The advantage here is many of these methods are fast…and you can roll out in huge numbers. Plus you’re in full control of the results.

If it’s working…expand into more advertising.

If it’s not working, fix it until it is.

1. Run a Google Adwords Campaign

What, you don’t have a Google Adwords account?

Shame on you. Get one immediately. Even if it’s not your primary advertising method, you should still be using it to test and track your sales campaigns when you first launch.

Run some traffic to your new site and use split testing or multivariate testing to refine the sales process.

Set Up Your Google Adwords Campaign Today:

2. Expand into Other PPCs

Google is the most competitive marketplace, because it’s the one with the most traffic. You might even find the keywords you want are more expensive than you’re willing to pay.

Move into the other PPC search engines.

MSN Adcenter has an excellent system with lower bids and it can often be profitable even if your Google campaign is not.

Signup for your account here:

Yahoo is the other competitor in the Big 3. You can find out more from them here:

Want to expand even further? There are a lot of lesser known companies where you can buy traffic for as little as one penny each. This site tracks and reviews all these smaller engines:

3. Expand to Banner Advertising

Already maximized your PPC advertising? I doubt it, but we’ll assume you did.

Run banner type advertising (this includes banners, buttons, skyscrapers, and even rich media advertising). You might have heard it was dead, but its death was greatly exagerrated.

Start off your banner campaigns right inside your Google Adwords account.

Create a new “site-targeted” campaign. Everyone talks about Google’s keyword targeting and that’s where I suggest you start your advertising. Site targeting is another option they offer and allows you target ads to sites. Handpick the exact sites you want your ad to appear on.

Once you have those working, you can expand out to large advertising networks such as:

4. Send Out Press Releases

I have this under paid advertising because it’s going to cost you some money to do this correctly.

I recommend using:

I’ve seen a single press release generate thousands of visitors…and radio and TV appearances for several of my clients. Why aren’t you using publicity?

5. Mail Postcards to Rented Lists

Target very specific groups using the SRDS manual. You can often pick up a copy of this directory at most large libraries.

It lists mailing lists you can rent and mail to. Instead of just sending a mailing to freebie seekers like you do online, you can target and mail postcards to BUYERS in your niche.

Find a list. Rent it. Mail your postcards

Method #2: Generate Free Traffic

Let’s say you don’t want to spend any money, or you don’t have any money. You can still start generating visitors for free. In fact, I like these methods more over the long term (as they often take a while to get going).

1. Submit Articles

This has been one of my favorite traffic techniques for years. Find long tail keywords (terms with 3 or 4 words in them)…and write articles about the subject.

Submit to article directories…and watch both visitors and your page rank increase.

Find software to make submission easier:

Have articles submitted for you:

2. Start a Blog

Start a blog…If you haven’t yet, then you’re not planning on generating much free traffic. Sure there are other ways, but why in the world would you want to make your life harder?

Start one for free here:

Or set up one on your one domain. I suggest WordPress from

Now start posting good content rich articles.

3. Generate Links

You can trade links with other sites. A good program for this is Arelis at

It’s even easier if you have a blog.

– Visit high traffic blogs and comment on them.
– Include links to other blogs in your posts.
– Submit to carnivals such as the ones you find at:

4. Post Viral Videos at

Everyone is always talking about Web 2.0. The Internet is growing up…and video is taking a priority in online marketing (if you’re not testing videos on your sales pages you’re making a huge mistake).

Create videos and post them to

It’s not a large traffic generator for me, but it is another free generator…plus it saves my own bandwidth (I embed my own Youtube videos on my pages).

5. Set-up An Affiliate Program

If you sell ANY type of product, you should have an affiliate program. It equals 60% to 75% of my sales on all my products. So if you don’t have one…you’re missing out on 2/3rds of your sales!

The system I use is:

Go there now to set-up a free 30 day trial and try it out for yourself. Not only can you run your affiliate program, it can also handle all your sales, recurring billing, split test campaigns, and do email follow-up. It’s my complete automation solution.

Terry Dean is the President of MyMarketingCoach, LLC where You Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life.  Pick his FREE report today, “10 Key Strategies for ANY Business Owner to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life” at


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