Build Email List…

Have you heard the below statement?
“The money is in your list.”
Yes, it’s truth. Build email list…
The money is in your list.
It applies to all kind of businesses.
If you are a local small business owner, the money is in your email list.
Online marketing can be applied to local small business.
Internet marketing is not just for big companies. The Internet is a great way for local and small businesses to bring in new customers and increase sales.
Email marketing can be applied to every business... no matter what type of product or service you sell!
Let’s imagine you own a local hair salon.
You can simply get the e-mail address of your customers when they are paying you, letting them know that you will be sending them discount coupons every month.
By building email list, you can remind your customers to come back to your hair salon again and again!
When your business is slow, you can send an email to your customers by offering special discounts as incentives for them to come back to your salon.
All you have to do is to remind them that you are there.
It costs you nothing, but it helps to build rapport and loyalty with your customers.



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