Just Do It!

We all have dreams.  Big Dreams!

We all want to make more money.
We want to spend more time with our family.
We dream of starting our own business.

Dreams. For many people, dreams remain as dreams.
We are still stuck with the job that we hate, aren’t we?

The greatest obstacle to realizing our dreams is FEAR!
We can dream for years, and not take action to fulfill our dreams.

Most of us live within our “comfort zone”. We are afraid to take the next step and do something different.

It could be that you are afraid of starting your own business. Why?
Perhaps we are afraid of change.  It may be that we are afraid of quitting our job. What if it doesn’t work? What if we lose money?

So what? If you don’t try, nothing will happen.
But if you do, something may happen. You could be rich! How do you know your dreams will not come true? You don’t. So Just Do It!

For ladies, one of our dreams is to find a partner. I was no exception.
When I was in my late 20s, my biggest dream was to find a good husband!  I was looking for someone who really loves me!  At that time, I was an accountant. I worked very long hours.  My social circle was limited. Most of my colleagues were married. For those who were not married, most of them were much younger than I was!

I feared that I could not find a husband. I didn’t want to be a career woman all my life. Deep down in my heart, I had a strong desire to have a family. I overcame this FEAR by taking action. I tried the South China Morning Post. It has a column called the “Meeting Point”. Yes, it’s a dating service. But, no. It didn’t work for me! Then I tried online dating websites. Do you know what happened? It worked for me this time! I met my wonderful husband on the net!

If I hadn’t taken my baby step, I might still be working from morning to night, without a man in my life.

Let me share with you a story.
I had an uncle who lived in Hong Kong. He was quite poor when he was young. He worked very hard and started doing business. Because of his hard work, he made some money. He used the money to buy his first property. In the 1960’s, property price was quite low in Hong Kong.

Having made a little profit from his initial investment, he started putting more money into real estate. The value of properties shot up in the 1970’s and he became a rich man.  If my uncle had been afraid of losing money when he first thought of investing in property, he would never have become wealthy!

Ladies and Gentlemen.
What are your dreams? Whatever they may be, don’t allow FEAR to hold you back!

Why not? Because FEAR is nothing more than a False Emotion Appearing Real.

We don’t want to have regrets at the end of our life.
We don’t want to cry over missed opportunities.

So, take action now!
Take your first step. If you do, you’re one step nearer to fulfilling your dreams.
Dreams can come true if you act on them!

Take Nike’s advice, Just Do It!



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