How to Do Keyword Research

How to Do Keyword Research

By Yetti Chiu

Doing proper keyword research is very important. It is your first vital step for building your online business.

What people are searching for? You can find out what people want on the internet by looking at the most commonly used keywords they type into the search engines

Why Do Keyword Research?

The reason for doing keyword research is that you can find out exactly what people are already searching for online.

Before you create a product, you should make sure that people are interested in your subject online. Otherwise, you can hardly sell your product as there will have no market on it. You don’t want to spend all your hard work and money developing a product that no one is looking for!

I know it! I’ve be been there! I have done it! And I don’t want to do it again!

Therefore we have to produce products, articles or blog posts that people are already looking for and interested in. Always start doing keyword research for ideas to find out what people are already interested in online.

How To Do Keyword Research?

To do your keyword research, you should look for “Long tail Search results”. Let me explain the meaning of it. Long tail search results mean 3 or 4 keyword phrases that generate majority of the search results.

For example, “internet marketing” is a pretty competitive term. It is not easy to get high ranking for the term “internet marketing” for a website in search engines. That means you have to put a lot of efforts to optimize the phrase “internet marketing” for search engines. You have to get a lot of incoming links to your sites that use the words internet marketing. It is not that easy.

Why not choose long tail keyword phrases? These phrases are with less competition for search engine optimization. The phrase “internet niche marketing software” is a good example. It is much easier for a website to get a high ranking for this term “internet niche marketing software” in search engine than for the term “internet marketing”.

Try to come up with 10, 20 or even 100 long tail keyword phrases related to internet marketing and optimize the site for those terms. You can definitely generate more traffic to your site by just focusing on less competitive terms.

Where To Find Long tail Keyword Phrases?

You can do keyword research and find long tail word phrases for free at Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool

Remember to keep your keyword research in a document so you can refer back to it for product creation ideas, what to write for articles, what to write for your blog posts, and more.

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How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear

There is another great post in Terry Dean’s blog on “Overcoming Fear“.

“Fear…we all experience it at some point or another.

I watched my wife, Julie act terrified all weekend. She was nervous…kept checking the computer…and wondering what was going to happen.

Something she has thought about since she was young was working in the medical field. A few years ago she finally decided to act on this and went to school to become an RN. She graduated right before we moved down to Florida…

Many people say FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Are you afraid of that angry email…so you don’t send out any emails? If so, get over it. Get your first one and join the club. It won’t “hurt” you.

Every NEW experience will be scary. You have to overcome it and keep moving forward anyway. The only person not having to deal with fear on some level is the one sitting in the same routine day after day, and year after year.

Keep moving forward…”

Terry has a post on similar topic about “Overcome Fear“ dated back to Dec 2007.

“The greatest obstacle to creating the life you want is fear.

It affects every single area of our lives. You’re afraid of what happens if you take that next step. People spend their whole lives in their “comfort zone” because they’re afraid to step out and do something different…”

“How many years have you allowed fear to hold you back from your dreams?”

“For example, public speaking is one of the greatest fears. What if you freeze when you get up to speak? What if you say something stupid? What if you look like an idiot?

My answer is “So what?” So what if you say something stupid. You’ve probably done it before, and you’ll do it again. And I’m thoroughly convinced someone will think you look like an idiot. The majority won’t. They’re respect you for even getting up there, but someone will think you look like an idiot. So what? That same person who thinks you look like an idiot really is an idiot. So why would you care what they think?”

“Don’t allow FEAR to control your life and hold you back. Every breakthrough you’ll ever have in your life and business will require you to overcome FEAR. It’s the enemy. It’s hiding in your mind right now making up excuses for why you can’t go forward. It’s telling you why it won’t work for you. It’s creating excuse after excuse of why you have to stay where you’re at instead of stepping out toward your dreams…”

Both are excellent posts. I was inspired to write a post on “Just Do It” after reading Terry’s post on overcome fear…

How about You? Are you inspired?

If you want to kick started your internet business, join Terry Dean’s Mentor Club.

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How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

“How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog”

You have a blog. But how to get more traffic to your blog…
Here are 5 simple ways to get more visitors to your blog:

1. Promoting your blog to everyone
First, try to promote your blog to everyone you know by adding your blog url to your name card and to your email signature file.

2. Posting good relevant content frequently
Second, you have to post good relevant content to your blog frequently. Remember, Content is king!

3. Leaving comments on others’ blogs
You can leave comments on other people’s blogs which have a similar theme to your blog. By adding constructive comments, you can add a link back to your blog.

4. Submit your blog to search engines and to blog directories

Search Engines:

Blog Directories:
Blog Search Engine

5. Collecting visitors’ email addresses

One of the best ways to encourage visitors to come back to your blog more often is to collect their email addresses, by adding an email subscription sign up system in your blog .

Then you can email them whether you have a new post.
Also, you have a higher chance for turning your visitors into potential customers by communicating to them through email marketing.

Business owners want new business and leads.
It is important to build your mail list. The money is in a relationship with your list!

The above 5 simple ways may help you to get more traffic to your blog.

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Blog Content : How To Find Contents for Your Blog

“Blog Content : How To Find Contents for Your Blog”

You know Blogging builds free traffic to your website.

You have created  a blog, but you don’t know what to write for your blog.
How to find blog content? 

Check out the follwing video produced by Internet Marketing Coach Terry Dean.

“How to come up with content for your blog using a mindmap process.
Dozens of content types to create and post to your blog. “


Here are some other resources for blog content:

Blogging Tips - Hundreds of Resources for Finding Content for Your Blog
How to Write Great Blog Content
40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content

An extra tip is that you should use relevant keywords in the title and the message of your blog posts.  By including relevant keywords, it helps people to find your blog through the search engines.


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Your Website Needs a Strong Headline

“Your Website Needs a Strong Headline.”

When you’re shopping, and you see an ad for something that might interest you, what’s the first thing you ask yourself?

Do you ask, “Who’s the advertiser”?
Do you ask, “What’s the price”?

No. Usually it’s, “Will this solve my problem (or need)”?

If the headline or opening sentence of the ad communicates the idea that YOUR problem could be solved using this product then you are naturally drawn into the rest of the ads’ copy and will read it with intense interest.

How many times have you surfed the Internet skipping page after page, looking for the “most adaptable solution” to your most pressing and current problem or need?

Usually that’s ALL we do. Unless you have very few demands on your time you’ll be searching for something specific when you surf the ‘net, instead of just ‘wasting time’. 

That’s how sales are made on the Internet. They are made impulsively. They are made quickly, sometimes. But they are always made with SELF-INTEREST first- your products second.

Here’s the truth: Visitors to your web site or subscribers to your email list or ezine could care less about you or your products. They are only interested in THEMSELVES.

So show them how your product or service will solve THEIR problems NOW, or is flexible enough to be the very best solution AT THIS MOMENT, or is, at least, that YOUR the BEST ALTERNATIVE to the any other “PERFECT” but very costly and TIME CONSUMING solution that can be purchase elsewhere.

Remember the very first thing someone should see when readers visit your web site is the headline. Headline should be at the very top of the page and it should be in a larger font than the rest of the web site.

Many websites do not have a proper headline or even without a headline.  Some of them simply put “Welcome to my Web Site” which is useless.  In fact, your headline is the ad for your web site. It should be giving readers the BIG benefit up front. If your headline doesn’t make people stop and read more, then your website is worthless. No one will even read it.

Therefore, Your Website Needs a Strong Headline.

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5 Great Reasons to Start an Information Business

“5 Great Reasons to Start an Information Business”

Have you ever thought of starting your own information business?

For information business, I don’t mean only the internet marketing niche. It can be any topic that appeals to your audience: health, relationship, hobbies, etc.

The main advantage of information business is that you just work once and you can get paid for it forever…

Here are five great reasons why you should start your own information business:

1. Getting Started with Little Money

Unlike starting a brick and mortar business, you don’t have to make any initial down payment or maintain costs: renovation, rental, stocks, salaries and other overhead costs, to start an information business.

You can get started an information business with very little money. You can acquire a domain for less than $10 per year. You can get web hosting services at less than $5 per month. You can create your own digital information product – eBooks, audios or videos – at low production costs. If you can speak and write, you can create your own information product based on your expertise.

2. Creating a Passive Income

If you are a consultant, a coach or a professional, you only get paid when you do the work.
Have you ever thought of creating a passive income from your skills?

Don’t you want to work once and get paid forever?
You can create an information product and get passive income from your skills.
For example, if you are a speech coach, you can create a Public Speaking Skills DVD.
If you are an accountant, you can create an eBook on “Legal Ways to Save Taxes”.

You can sell your information product through your website and you get passive income whenever people buy your products.

3. Using Other People’s Information

Even you don’t have a lot of expertise; you can find other people who have the knowledge. Just interview them and create an information product out of it.

4. Having a High Margin Business

Information business is a high margin business. It costs almost nothing to create and distribute your eBooks, audios and videos in digital format. Even if you distribute your products in physical format to your buyers, you can have average margins of 10 times or higher. For example, it may cost 2 dollars to duplicate a DVD, but you can sell it from $9.95 up to $100.

5. High Demand Market

Some industries go through cycles: up and down. But information business is always booming. There is no point in time when people don’t need to acquire more information. There is always a need to know more.

You can help yourself while helping others.
Start your information business now.

Learn How to Start and Build Your Information Business from the Pro. Yetti Chiu Invites YOU to Try Out the Terry Dean Monthly Mentor Club and Receive $1,105.95 Worth of Instant Bonuses Designed to Boost Your Online Profits Immediately.

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Blogging Builds Free Traffic To Your Website

“Blogging Builds Free Traffic To Your Website”

The Internet has made it exceedingly easy for you to start a blog and to use it to capture attention. Even teenagers and Fortune 500 companies have discovered the magic of writing a blog to attract attention and generate a consistent readership. 

Uses of Blogs

Blogs are excellent vehicles for communicating news, keeping in touch with many people at one time, highlight your expertise, act as an introduction to a larger website, and keep fresh content constantly available to the search engines and everyone visiting your blog.

Familiarize Yourself With Blogs

If you’ve never actually done a blog, you will be surprised at how easy it is to set up an account. You can use any of the blogging portals out there like or They allow you to set up a free account and put up a blog simply by registering with them. They offer design templates that you can choose by clicking on your favorite design. They give you an administration panel that makes it easy to add features or remove them. It really is one of the simplest ways to start getting a web presence out there completely free! You don’t pay for the account, the storage, or anything else.  In return, the site might put up some advertising on your blog, but when you’re ready to take it up a notch, you can always pay to get that removed.

So, don’t be intimidated by a lack of knowledge of computers or the Internet. You don’t have to be technically talented at all to start a blog! Later, as you continue to use the blog, you may want to add pictures and videos, and that may take some learning, but it still is nothing to break out in a heavy sweat over.

Write Great Content

At first, all you will need to do to start generating traffic is to make sure that you have great content on your blog. Your blog should have a specific niche that you’ve researched and that can be sure to draw crowds. Many first-time bloggers make the mistake of using the blog as a personal diary, with random posts on various subjects. This may prove interesting to a few people, but it’s not sufficient to draw traffic from the major search engines that like targeted content better. So, pick a niche, and develop interesting content around that niche.

Try to review your posts before publishing to make sure they are relatively free of misspellings and grammatical errors. Try to include titles, subheadings, bulleted lists, and white space to make the copy easy on the eye. Many readers do not want to come into a blog and see a single paragraph written in poor English, no matter how interesting the subject. It’s just too hard to read.

Why not start a blog to build free traffic to your website

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7 Free Ways To Get More Traffic

“7 Free Ways To get More Traffic”

Traffic, traffic and traffic.

How to drive more traffic to your website?

The bottom line is : more traffic, which results in more sales and more profits for you.

Here is a Special Report : 7 Totally Fee Ways to Get More Traffic written by Nicole Dean.

Inside the report, Nicole not only shares 7 effective methods of traffic generation. The methods can help you to be seen as an expert in your field.

Click Here to download the Special Report.

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

“How To Drive Traffic To Your Website”

You have a product to sell. You have a website to sell your product.

But do you have visitors to come to your website?
How to generate more website traffic?

To earn a good income online, you need to have a product that people want to buy. You need to have a site that can sell. You need to drive targeted traffic to your website.

How beginners can drive more visitors to their sites?

One quick way is to start a blog.  By writing informative blog posts relevant to the theme of your blog, you can show to potential customers that you know what you’re talking about. You build credibility and relationships with your readers. 

Blogging attracts more visitors to your site. Search engines like Google often weight fresh content with greater importance. Blogs are updated much more frequently than conventional web sites. Therefore search engines love blogs.

Alternatively, you can buy traffic to your site through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.  PPC means advertisers only pay when a visitor actually clicks on an ad to visit advertisers’ website. Advertisers bid on keywords phrases relevant to their target market.

The following is the article ”10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic for Beginners” written by Terry Dean.

If you are a totally beginner, you may not be able to fully understand every point.

Just leave your comment if you have any questions. I’ll try my best to answer your questions.

10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic for Beginners
Terry Tean

You need traffic. Earning a good income requires a good product, excellent conversion strategies, and traffic to your site.

If any of those 3 elements is missing, you’re going to miss your income goals.

The one most people drool over is traffic. It’s what they lie in bed thinking about at night. How can I get more traffic?

I think the motto of most beginning online entrepreneurs is…

“Show Me How to Get Traffic!”

Today I’m going to cover the simple ways you start driving traffic to your site. More on How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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Choosing the Right Blog Platform for Your Business

“Choosing the Right Blog Platform for Your Business”

Today let’s discuss how to choose the right blog platform for your business blog.

What is a Blog Platform?

A blog platform is a special type of blogging software to create and update your blog. You simply type your blog post to an online form, then click “Publish” and your post will be instantly published to the internet. If you can send an email, you can publish a blog.

The most widely used blog platforms include:

” Blogger - Free Hosting (Level : Beginner)

” - Free Hosting (Level: Beginner to Intermediate)

” Typedad - $4.95 to $14.95 per month (Level : Beginner to Intermediate)

” - Webhost-Based (Level: Advanced)

How to Choose the Right Blog Platform for Your Business

When choosing the blog platform for setting up your business blog, you have to consider the following factors:

  1. the cost for setting up your blog,
  2. the time for creating and maintaining your blog,
  3. the skills you currently have, and your willingness to learn some new software.

Most of blog software is not difficult to use. You don’t have to hire a professional or specialist to start publishing. Actually, most blogs can be setup in minutes, and you can learn how to use them as you go.

Those free and low-cost fee-based blog platforms use a simple text editor box for publishing. The cost differences vary depending on the type of blog you are running.

If you plan to host the blog on your own domain, you will need to consider hosting fees. Blogs run within the blog’s domain are usually free, but you will not have a simple address to work with. If you want a unique URL, it’s better to consider the different packages, even if you’re starting out with the very basic.

Next, you have to think about how much you know about blog design. If you are proficient with web design and templates, then this will be fairly easy. But if you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of blog templates available. Blog templates can help you construct your basic site, and then you can change it later when necessary. These can be easily replaced with a more comprehensive design. Actually, most blog platforms provide a variety of options, colors, and basic attributes to make your blog stand out.

Blog platforms such as WordPress can be very helpful in getting you setup with a professional look, especially if you have limited design skills and are not working with a web or graphic designer immediately. Blogger also offers customizable options, and you’ll find a range of colors and styles to choose from.

In short, you just have to choose the right blog platform for your business blog based on the factors: the cost, the time and your skills. Blogging is simple!

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